What is giclée and pigment print?
High quality printing made with an inkjet printer that uses lightproof pigmented ink. Paper must be archive resistant. We use Epson Large Format Printer with 10 different colors that can print up to approximately 110cm wide. One big advantage of digital technology is that you can undo, adjust and make testprints in a simple and good way.

Original graphics and reproduction graphics
To photograph a painting and then just print it to reproduce an existing artwork is to be considered primarily as a reproduction and not an original graphic work. nothing It can be a way to produce high-quality reproductions and posters. Important is the high quality of the photographed work.
You can have a sketch or an painting that is digitally photographed to be the basis for a graphic artwork made with digital tools. The image can be created entirely or partially in the computer with the possibilities and tools available.
What is original graphicart its mainly about the artist's ethical judgment and there is no real exact rules.

Support, study visits and production
If you want to be part of or the entire production of the print, it is advisable to book time for digital work and test prints. You can bring your own digital files or images for further work.
When printing photographs and artprints its necessary to have the right studioenvironment, light of the correct temperature and quality.

Editions, editions, orders of larger sizes.
We often make large editions to artists, photographers and galleries.
The price is based on the size of the edition, digital work, image size,
paper and color etc.

Ann Makanders tryck "Filt" under arbete.

Art Photography
In reproduction of works of art, it is important to maintain uniformity and correct lighting.
Photographer Camilla Gewing-Stålhane has long experience of studio photography and works with several famous artists such as Ann Makander, KG Nilson, Tamara deLaval, Gert Aspelin, Ellisif Hals, Yrjö Edelmann, Magnus Wallin, Anna Ling and others.


KG Nilson "Svart centrum" pigmentprint 2017

We can send proofs from your files to give an idea of ​​colors and materials.
Always send files via network services such as We Transfer.
No image files via mail!

Prints and editions could be picked up at the studio.
Smaller editions and prints can also be delivered with Schenker in Sweden.

To achieve a good result, paper must be coated. Absolutely archive-resistant but also give a good feeling and results.

Book time to get help and support in developing art graphics using digital technology.
Adjustments and retouch can also be made at a distance and proof of print can be sent as a mail package.
Fee per hour: 600: - incl. VAT
Material costs are added.

We print on rolls in widths 17 ", 24" & 44 ". Print is delivered flat.
17 "= width 43.18cm
24 "= width 60.96cm
44 "= width 111.76 cm
(preferably 3cm marginal edge)
NOTE! +100Skr orders under 1,000 Skr incl. VAT.
Price incl. VAT per cm Fine Art paper188g- 315g

24 " 5.25-5.75 Skr cm

Background and references
I have worked for 15 years and develop art graphics with digital tools both in my own art and other artists.
During the Graphic Society of Sweden 100th anniversary, I wrote "Giclée a new technique" in the jubilee book "100 years of Swedish graphics"
I have held seminars and lectures on the topic, among other things. at Sthlm's Academy of Art, and taught at Malmö Academy of Fine Arts in Photoshop and prints.

In my art graphics, besides working with digital tools, I have also mixed with traditional methods like drypoint and monotypes. In my studio there is a 24" Domeij copper press and I am a member of The artists' graphic workshop in Malmö.

Among artists, photographers and galleries I work with can be mentioned:
Ann Makander, KG Nilson, Anders Kappel, Tamara deLaval, Kerstin Winberg, Yrjö Edelmann, Jakob Simonsson, Maria Lavmann, Monica Gerhard, Lars Karlmark, Albin Wiberg, Håkan Berg, Ellisif Hals, Åsa-Maria Bengtsson, Jesper Lindgren,Johan Kalén, Thomas Holm, Gallery GKM Malmö, Hedenius Sthlm, Ingela S Gallery Sthlm, Svenska Dagbladet Accent, Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen and others.

Ulf Stålhane 2017